Custom Hearing Protection

We're exposed to constant noise every day, from traffic and public loudspeakers to household noises like the vacuum cleaner or television. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is hearing loss caused by over-exposure to these sounds.

Although these noises aren't loud enough to immediately impair your hearing, they have a powerful cumulative effect. When you're regularly subjected to too many noisy noises in your area, your ears won't be able to handle the noise, and your hearing will be damaged.

Custom Hearing Protection

Sounds of all kinds can trigger NIHL. The louder the sound, the greater the chances of getting hearing loss, and the less sensitivity you will take until the hearing suffers. If you're on the shooting range or using weapons without hearing protection, your hearing will be impaired, as these sounds can be as high as 150 dB! Likewise, some equipment you use around the house, such as the lawnmower or leaf blower, can be around 100-110 dB, so make sure that you wear hearing protection. The best kind of hearing protection you can get is custom-fitted.

If you are interested in custom hearing protection, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for custom ear impressions.

Types of Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection


Suitable for high-impact noise like firearms. The custom (non-electronic) filter compresses the high-impact sound while still allowing you to hear speech and ambient sound.

Custom Hearing Protection


These fit well under a helmet, protecting against wind noise and allowing you to hear the essential sounds around you.



The filters provide a flat attenuation, which allows you to hear the sound accurately but also at a reduced level.



These provide a comfortable atmosphere for uninterrupted sleep, designed to fit comfortably in a smaller size even when lying on your side.



Available with filters that allow sound but not water to pass through. Great for those who want to prevent swimmer's ear.

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